Workshops Require More Than One Diagnostic Tool

A good workshop is only as good as the diagnostic tools it has access to. Modern diagnostic tools provide workshops with a lot more scope for completing work effectively and efficiently but it is no longer viable to just have one piece of kit on hand.

With consumers and car owners having a greater level of choice when it comes to finding the best garage for their needs, they can afford to be selective. This is where the range of diagnostic tools on offer may persuade a driver to take their car to a particular workshop.

These thoughts have been raised by Dave Richards, who is the managing director of Launch UK. Richards said; “Many look for a product that will do and cover everything but the marketplace changes so rapidly. Choosing a diagnostic tool is often more about choosing the provider ahead of the product. Workshops and motor factors have to ensure the service and support is in place. This includes extensive vehicle coverage, cost-effective updates and good hardware.”

Launch UK provide a range of specialist diagnostic tools and Richards was speaking after the unveiling of the company’s X-431 PRO kit. This tool provides full fault system diagnostic support.

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