Transport Poverty On The Rise According To RAC

It is well known that the cost of running a car can be prohibitive but it seems that car owners who are less well-off are paying a large sum of their disposable income to run their car. A poll undertaken by the RAC indicated that people from less well-off households spent close to one third of their disposable income on their car.

The money was broken down to costs of £16.40 every week on fuel £6.10 for servicing and repairs and £9.50 for their insurance. With half of the people in poor areas of the country who are employed driving to work, there is no real opportunity for many people to save money or lower these costs.

The director of the RAC Foundation, Professor Stephen Glaister, said; “Before tax we have some of the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in Europe but when you add in fuel duty and VAT the picture changes dramatically. The Chancellor rightly points out that he has frozen fuel duty since March 2011 yet almost 60% of the pump price still goes into his pocket.”

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