Is The Tour De France Heading To London?

There are some major sporting events in the world and it is understandable that sporting organises and government officials are keen to bring as many major sporting events to their city as possible. London has had a very good run of bringing major events to its people in recent times, with the legacy of the Olympic Games still being felt. London also benefits from the annual events that take place in the city such as Wimbledon and the FA Cup final. These events add a touch of glamour and prestige to a city but they also help to bring in tourists while stimulating the local economy.

There are plenty of reasons why local governments should push for sporting events to be held in their jurisdiction but there are some sporting events that you don’t expect to see in a particular area. After all, there would be uproar if the annual Wimbledon event was held away from the famous courts of Wimbledon. However, there are opportunities for some leading sporting events, commonly associated with a particular area, to move somewhere else for a short spell.

A French fancy would be a great treat for London

This is why there is a lot of positivity surrounding the news that London may be able to welcome the Tour De France to the capital of England in 2017. It is believed that there have been talks between the organisers of the Tour De France, Amaury Sport Organisation and Transport for London.

Ned Boulting is a commentator on the Tour De France and he spoke briefly to the Evening Standard about the Tour and how it may be coming to London. He said; “The ASO are not focusing on the UK for no reason. They know we are the biggest growth market for cycling. The 2007 Grand Depart was a big event but it had no impact on the wider sporting public or national consciousness — it was just something that the cycling community celebrated. But 2017 would be a colossal national event like we saw in Yorkshire last year.”

Of course, there will be a certain irony in the Tour coming to London given the lack of respect that many cyclists feel they get on the streets of London. There has been a focus on getting more people cycling in London, the Boris Bikes initiative has helped a great number of people to get around more easily and issues like the Congestion Charge has to be seen as a great reason to get on your bike and cycle around the city.

However, life on London roads can be pretty rough and dangerous at times. This means that while many cyclists will no doubt welcome the chance to welcome some of the finest cyclists in the world to the capital of England, there will be jealousy at the fact that they are able to cycle in safety and without having to worry about vehicles whizzing by them or blocking them off.

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