Shop Around For Best Car Servicing Value

Looking after your car and ensuring it is run efficiently can be an expensive business. Sadly, with so many people reliant on their car, there is no real opportunity to overlook elements like having an MOT or ensuring that a car is serviced on a regular basis. While a service is not essential for running a car, in the long run, it can help to save money and provide a car owner with a greater return for their money. This is why it makes sense to shop around to see what value can be obtained when having your car serviced.

A recent survey, carried out by What Car, found that there was a divergence in the cost of having your car serviced across the UK. The company looked at nine different regions and their findings indicated that the cheapest place to have a car serviced was in Scotland. The average cost of a servicing in Scotland was £210, which may be another reason that people will bear in mind when it comes to the independence referendum. The next most affordable area was Wales, which came in at £217 and then the north east was close behind at £218. Areas that were more expensive were the North West, which cost £235, London, which cost £242 and the south east, which had an average servicing cost of £244.

Different models need to be examined closely too

The same survey also looked into the average cost of servicing for different models of cars. The most expensive car on the list was a Range Rover, which managed to have an average price of £444. However, there was a great divergence in the smallest and largest costs on offer with the highest price quoted coming in at £587 and the lowest quoted price coming in at £367. Given that this represents a difference of £220, there is a lot to be said for looking around before you decide on which garage to choose to ensure your car is serviced properly and effectively.

The Mercedes C-Class car had an average cost of £260 for a service, the BMW XI had an average cost of £254 and then there was the Audi A1, which carried a cost of £250. The survey also found out that many people are paying extra for the name and brand as opposed to the parts on offer in the car. Car owners may not be aware of the fact that the Volkswagen Golf, the Skoda Octavia, the Seat Leon and the Audi A3 have many similar parts and components. The average cost of servicing for an A3 was over 60% more expensive than the average cost of servicing for the Octavia, which may be a source of pleasure or annoyance for a car owner.


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