Who Services A Self-Drive Car?

Perhaps it is a quiet news week or everyone has become quite jaded with the build-up to the General Election, but there has been a great deal of focus on the Government plans to permit autonomous cars onto UK roads. This has long been seen as one of the indicators of a futuristic world and many people will be hugely excited about the prospect of being able to sit in a car that is being driven by the machine itself. This will eventually have a massive impact on the way that people live their lives but it should be noted that the likelihood of these cars popping up all across the country remain a long way away. We may be well in to the new millennium but we are still a long way away from having these cars driving us around.

It is clear that the benefits of these cars will be immense, with one obvious benefit being the fact that there will be no excuse for drunk driving. Let’s be honest, there is no current excuse for driving after having enjoyed a drink as it is, but if your car is able to drive you home itself, this should hopefully remove the incidents where people think they are okay but end up causing an accident or collision due to their sense and reactions being impaired.

While a great deal of focus is going to fall on the vehicle and how they will drive, there is no doubt that there will need to be a lot of focus on car servicing. Servicing is important for current cars, with MOTs being a legal requirement for cars being older than 3 years old. When you think about the level of computer components and modern technology in modern cars, it is essential to have cars tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are operating efficiently and safely. However, if we move into an era when cars can drive themselves, the level of computer wizardry and components will be significantly higher, which means that there will be an even greater need for regular servicing from qualified technicians.

Car servicing will become even more crucial

This may move the notion of servicing and road testing to a completely higher sphere, which could drastically change the industry. It is fair to say that a great number of garages, mechanics and technicians have worked hard to move with the times and stay up to date with the latest in car technology. The professionals should be commended for that but with the technology being used in cars moving to a higher level, it may be that many garages and technicians will struggle to stay in touch with the skills and expertise that they need.

At the moment, the focus is on ensuring the cars operate as they should and that their presence on the road doesn’t impact on safety. It is important to focus on these elements but before too long, there will be a need to examine the impact of servicing on these vehicles and this will be where garages and mechanics need to pay close attention to any potential changes to their way of working.”

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