Popular Mechanic Retires But Vows To Continue Charity Work

A popular mechanic in Burgess Hill has announced that he is all set to retire at the age of 67. Mansour Rezazadeh has been working at the Fairplace Service Station, located in London Road, for a number of decades and it is believed that at the moment, he is one of the oldest MOT testers in the whole of Sussex.

Parisa Rezazadeh-Wells, Mansour’s daughter, spoke to local media about her dad, and the reputation he has developed in the local community. She said; “My father has been working there for 30 years and is the heart of the town, he has helped so many and is well loved and thought of by so many. He is due to finally retire this month and will be sorely missed by the public and deserves recognition for all his hard work and kindness.”

Clearly a mechanic has a vital role to play in a local community and it appears that many people relied on Mansour to keep their car on the road. Mr Rezazadeh, who came to England from Iran in 1973, said he will be retiring at the end of January, but has no plans to stop his charity work.

New life plans for popular mechanic

Mr Rezazadeh arrived in England back in 1973, when he travelled from Iran, and he plans to retire from work at the end of January. However, this will not see the end of the charity work that Mr Rezazadeh undertakes. He spoke to local media, saying; “I love England. Maybe I will do some charity work. Anyone who wants a hand, it is my pleasure and I’m happy to help the older people, helping them to go shopping or taking them to hospital. Anything I can do.”

Mr Rezazadeh initially came to the United Kingdom with the hope of being a pilot and he intended to carry on his training in this regard. However, life often gets in the way of these things and he managed to meet the good lady who would go on to become his wife and of course, everything changes when you have a family to think of.

Mr Rezazadeh’s daughter spoke about the charity work he has undertaken while working as a mechanic, “He has raised money for lots of charities and always collects money at the garage for the Poppy Appeal. He has fought so much in his time, with his lack of English and racism against his Persian roots but always remained strong and patriotic to the English monarchy, displaying the Union Jack outside the workshop and pictures of the monarchy in his office. People love his generosity and his willing to always help people, whether it’s giving elderly people lifts into town when he gets a spare five minutes or making people feel at ease whilst at the workshop. He has helped so many young men with starting their careers as a mechanic and if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be where they are today.”

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