Poor Service From Garage Hampers Owner

On the whole around the UK, you would say that the general level of service from car dealerships and garages is of a decent standard. Things aren’t perfect and customers will always look for improved value for money but on the whole, there appears to be a high level of satisfaction when it comes to having your car looked after. This is why stories of poor service and bad quality customer relations, especially from a high profile firm will always stand out. This is the sort of thing that can really make a difference to the reputation of a company and it is understandable that if a story breaks, the garage involved is quick to react in a positive fashion.

There is a lot to be said for the garage acting in a more proactive fashion than being reactive though because for some clients, the damage may already have been done. An example of this has come with Arnold Clark in Blackpool. Arnold Clark is a major car dealer in Scotland but they have entered into the English market as well and they also offer a wide range of repair and service work. They are a firm that normally has a solid reputation but for Kenneth Harkness, the firm has caused no end of trouble.

One problem after another

At the end of February, Mr Harkness paid £9,000 for a Volvo S40 R-Design but things were poor from the start. Within the first six weeks of ownership, the car was in the garage for 2 weeks. On the second day of owning the car, the power cut out in the car, leaving Kenneth driving at a speed of 30mph. Other issues that have arisen in the past few weeks include problems with the car engine, issues with the thermostat and problems with shock absorbers. Mr Harkness has also slated the team members at the garage for a series of mistakes and blunders that have made the situation even worse.

Some of the problems include the wrong parts being ordered and one time when he was in the garage, Mr Harkness claimed to have seen a mechanic reverse into another car. This is the sort of action or activity that will leave people feeling slightly uneasy about any garage and it shouldn’t be any surprise that Mr Harkness decided to go public with his complaints.

Harkness believes that more than £2,500 has been spent on repairing the car by the firm and this is why the company has taken the decision to send the car back with a full refund being provided to Mr Harkness. The final decision to refund the car owner is a positive one but it has only come about due to many issues and problems, which has no doubt caused problems for the car owner and his associates.


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