New Assessment Programme For DVSA Inspectors

When it comes to keeping cars and people safe on the road, there is no getting away from the fact that cars need to be tested regularly. There are official guidelines on how regularly cars should be serviced but a good car owner will be proactive in looking after their vehicle. While there is often a cost to consider when having your car tested on a regular basis, this cost implication is usually balanced out through obtaining peace of mind and savings that are offered through regular testing. A car that is serviced and tested on a regular basis will likely perform better, offering improved value for money with respect to fuel efficiency.

There is also the added bonus that a regularly tested car will be easier to maintain. Spotting potential problems and defects at an early date makes it easier to resolve the problem quickly and cheaply. This is a huge benefit in the long term. While it may seem as though car issues come out of nowhere, it is far more likely that there have been underlying issues building over time. A professional with experience in servicing and testing cars will know what to look for and will be able to highlight potential problems at an earlier stage.

The quality of inspectors is crucial

It therefore makes sense for car owners to have their cars tested regularly but they are often at the mercy of the inspectors and testing professionals. If an inspector is having a bad day or is not aware of what they are looking for, they may let important issues slip by unnoticed. This is where it is important for inspectors to have sufficient skills and confidence and this is something that the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) strongly agrees with.

The DVSA has announced that all of their vehicle inspectors will be required to undertake training and assessment programmes, which have been quality assured by the IMI, which is the Institute of Motor Industry. The DVSA is keen to ensure that their employees are trained to a high standard, in order to meet the integrity and professionalism that the industry expects of their inspectors. The DVSA is currently expanding their network of Authorised Testing facilities and they are working hard to ensure their inspectors are up to the task of keeping cars safe on the road.

This commitment to higher standards at the DVSA has been welcomed by the Society of Operations Engineers, an organisation which sits under the remit of the IRTE. The Head of Operations and Communications at the SOE, Ian Chisholm, said; “In putting their vehicle inspectors forward for irtec licences, DVSA is making a commitment to ensuring a standardised level of skills and knowledge among its testers, and is making a commitment to promoting overall vehicle safety and compliance across the road transport industry.”

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