MOT Team Overlook Cat

When it comes to having your car looked after by professionals, you want to choose a garage that is experienced in carrying out MOTs. Finding a garage that has great expertise and experience in carrying our MOTs and services will give you a greater level of confidence. However, you also want to ensure you find a garage where the team members are diligent and have a great level of attention to detail. It is sometimes the small issues that lead to bigger problems and this is where knowing your car is well looked after by professionals will give you a great deal of confidence.

However, there is a car garage in Devon that currently has to deal with an embarrassing situation. This is because there was a cat hiding in the engine of a campervan and to make it all the more embarrassing, the cat was missed by the team members who were carrying out a MOT, a service and an oil change. It turns out that Oliver the cat, owned by Claire and her two children had a rather eventful time and one which doesn’t really bode well for the quality of service that was handed out by the car experts.

Did garage staff really thoroughly check out the vehicle?

The team members carried out the maintenance work on the vehicle and they passed the vehicle and then handed over the keys. The owner returned home and was still perplexed as to where her car was when she noticed that her other cat, Benji, was snipping around the bonnet of the campervan and then there was a slight meow coming from the car. Upon opening the bonnet, Oliver the cat was hiding beneath the engine block.

It too more than 30 minutes for the cat to be coaxed out and the cat appears to be in good health despite the ordeal. While there is an idea that all publicity is good publicity, you can’t imagine that any garage would be too happy to find that they had such an oversight when looking over a vehicle.
There is a greater deal of focus being placed on the work that is carried out by firms when providing an MOT and this will definitely raise some eyebrows. There is nothing to suggest that the quality of the MOT was lacking or that a proper evaluation was not undertaken but you can see why some people will think that the standard of this Devon MOT was not at the highest level.
There has been no notification of the vehicle has a catalytic convertor in place!

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