Garage Workers Need To Be On The Lookout For Stolen Parts

While technicians and mechanics in garages should be focused on delivering the highest level of service possible, it is important that they have a high level of awareness when they are working. Mechanics must have a high attention to detail and there is a need to be on the lookout for things that are not quite right. In most instances, this will be of benefit to the customer but in one recent case in Widnes, the sharp eye of a garage worker brought some very bad news to a customer.

This is because when a garage worker at a bodyshop was carrying out some work, they uncovered that the car had been fitted with stolen parts from a new hire car to take the place of parts that had been damaged. It was found that the ageing Audi S3 of Alexander Keating had been treated to new brake callipers, steering wheels and a gear shift knob after Keating had hired an Audi A3 from a local accident management firm.

A serious fine imposed for a serious crime

This theft was reported to the bespoke anti-fraud team at the local police station and the crime was processed through the courts with Keating eventually pleading guilty at Chester Crown Court. In sentencing Keating to 200 hours of community service, a fine of just over £2,000 and costs of close to £600, the judge stated that this was a very serious crime.

It transpires that Keating, who himself was employed as a bodyshop technician, took the parts after his mum had damaged her car and hired an A3 from. Given the fact that Keating carried out the swap in his place of work, Blue Bell Bodyshop, he has also been made redundant by the firm. This ensures that it has been a rather expensive crime and one which will have had a huge impact on Keating’s life.

While a crime of this nature may seem like a simple and straightforward one, it can have a devastating impact on a person’s life and their loved ones. It is also fair to say that fraud and theft of this nature can be very damaging to firms, which is why there is an increased focus on this style of crime. In the current economic climate, no firm can afford to lose money or be defrauded in this manner, which means that there will be a higher level of focus on these issues.

Most car mechanics and technicians will work hard to deliver a strong level of customer service, but given their attention to detail, it is likely that criminal activities like this will be uncovered.


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