Are Garage Repair Costs On The Rise?

The cost of owning and running a car can be very prohibitive and this is why so many people decide against owning a car in the current economic climate. However, many people have no choice but to own a car and this is why there is a need for people to look for the best possible value for money that they can.

Investing in your car makes perfect sense and many drivers find that spending some money on ensuring that their car is well looked after brings about a far greater return than what a driver that doesn’t spend any money on their car receive.

However, there has been research undertaken of late which suggests that the cost of car repairs is on the rise, especially for urgent car repairs. This means that car owners who have a long term warranty in place for their car should think themselves lucky.

The report suggested that the highest charge came from a BMW dealership located in Chiswick in the West end of London. This garage charged in excess of £220 an hour for labour. The next in line was an hourly rate of £205 which was charged in East Finchley by BMW Hexagon while the next closest was BMW Highgate, who charged £204 an hour. There is also the Berry Chiswick BMW garage in Brentford which charges over £200 per hour.

BMW dealerships are unsurprisingly expensive

It is important to realise that all of the garages charging over £200 an hour for labour are BMW dealerships, so it would be wrong to say that every garage is charging such an inflated price. The research was undertaken by a firm that aims to highlight the benefits of having a warranty.

This is why there is going to be a focus on the high end charges of garages but it does indicate a trend to increasing labour costs. Where the top of the line firms go, other companies follow and it would be fair to say that there is a rising level of labour charges in the industry.

Of course, this represents an opportunity for independent garages to differentiate themselves from the dealerships that charge a higher price.

The garage and automobile industry, like any other industry, is continually changing and if there is an opportunity for firms to stand out from the crowd, it makes sense for them to do so. If there is a growing trend of rising labour costs, there is also an opportunity for independent garages to charge a fairer price.

There is also the fact that the location of the garage will have an impact on the cost of labour. The South East of England is a costlier part of the country than the North of England and Scotland, and it is to be expected that this will be represented in the cost of labour for garage repairs.

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