Garage Owner Fined For Blocking Road

When the weather in the UK is nice, it is understandable that many people will feel as though they are wasting their time working indoors. We don’t get too much good weather in the country and if anyone has the opportunity to work outside when the temperature is warm and the sun is shining would be advised to take this chance.

However, not everyone is able to work outdoors in an effective manner and not everyone is able to work outdoors safely. This was the case for a car repair business owner from Middlesbrough who found his desire to work outside wasn’t of benefit to others in the local area.

The good weather is not the only reason why people want to work outside, it may be that a lack of space in your standard working premises will have an impact on your desire to work outside. If a garage is doing well, they may find that their space is at a premium. No one wants to turn work away and this means that some firms will do what they can to squeeze additional customers in.

CCTV footage showed the havoc caused by garage

There has been CCTV footage released of the conditions that Paul Jefferies, from Get Smart Autos in the Newport region of Middlesbrough, caused on the street by blocking off most of the road outside of his business premises. He received the maximum court fine that was possible after he pleaded guilty to 8 separate offences of repairing cars in the street.

He was also later found guilty of not being able to prove he was properly carrying out the disposal of waste. There was a £5,000 fine for the waste disposal element and then a further £1,000 for each of the 8 offences of blocking the road.

With costs to the council of £1,915.83 and a victim surcharge cost of £120, the total financial punishment imposed on Jefferies was over £15,000. Jefferies didn’t attend the case, even though he had secured a number of previous adjournments.

The CTTV footage, which was showed in court and then released showed cars being worked on by the firm blocking the pavement and road. Footage was shown of people with pushchairs being forced into the road to carry on their way and of traffic jams being caused due to the fact that some vehicles were unable to find a way pass the array of vehicles blocking the way.

If a garage is receiving so much custom that they have to find additional space to carry out work, this is a good thing but there is a need for the garage to find appropriate space to work in. This is unlikely to be a mistake that Paul Jefferies will make again.

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