Will eBay Help You To Fix Your Car?

Sometimes in life having too much choice can be as dangerous or as damaging as having too much choice. When you are faced with options and you are unsure of where to turn to, you will find that getting help and assistance with reviews or recommendations can be a great help. This is something that the internet has been great for but there is no doubt that people should be cautious about following all online recommendations. You shouldn’t always follow the advice of online people or identities, but it may be that assistance is coming in the shape of a familiar online retailer.

It looks as though eBay is stepping in to provide motorists a helping hand in finding the garage that is right for their needs. This is because the site has launched a marketplace for car repairs and maintenance. At the moment, this service is only available in Germany but if it is a success in Germany, it is likely to be rolled out to other markets. The company is working in conjunction with Autobutler, a firm that provides a comparison sites for garages. At the moment, Autobutler is operating in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and in the UK so there is a platform in place if eBay decides to expand the market into the UK.

The premise of the service is to provide motorists with the chance to obtain quotes from willing mechanics. The quotes will be presented to clients, alongside price comparisons and reviews, which should ensure that a customer has a lot more information at their fingertips. When it comes to making a decision, the more information the better and this style of service is very much a step in the right direction for motorists.

More information is always a good thing

The motorist will be able to list the services that they require and this data will be forwarded on to firms that have registered with the scheme. Up to three quotes will be provided to the client, alongside information like price, presentation of the garage, the distance between the garage and the consumer and a number of other consumer selected criteria. This should help to take a lot of the guess work out of the garage selection process, which will definitely be of benefit to car owners.

This move by eBay has been driven by the fact that they experience a large level of demand for accessories and parts on their site. The site states that on their German site, they sell a part for a car or an accessory every two or three seconds. With this being such a huge market, if eBay can solidify their presence in this area, they are likely to ensure that they receive a great number of sales for many years to come. Being able to help customers while helping yourself is clearly a great boon for firms and this is something that eBay is well aware of.

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