Car Mechanic Gets Set For A Brilliant Journey

Car mechanics should be the people most likely to get the best level of performance from their car but some mechanics love to present themselves with a challenge. Lots of drivers like to ensure that their car is operating at an optimum level but if you have the skills, experience, confidence and technology to boost your car, why not? One car mechanic in Glasgow has ensured that he has a souped up car and he wants to use his skills and experience to boost technology.

Colin Provan comes from Barlarnark in the city and he is hoping to rack up more than £6,000 in the Czecheap Challenge. The money will be going to Yorkhill Hospital, which is the sick children’s hospital in Glasgow so you can rest assured that Colin will have plenty of support along the way. While he has boosted the car so it will drive at a good level, he has also ensured that there will be plenty of fun and entertainment for the journey. The car has been pimped in great style with a sound system in the boot of a car, DVD players, flashing headlights and strobe lights. This is clearly no ordinary car taking place in the race.

A long journey in store for Glasgow mechanic

The car will be expected to travel over 3,000 miles and given that it is a bit of a banger, it has needed a lot of work. Ever since Colin bought the Peugeot 306, he has been tweaking and optimising it. However, while Colin is highly experienced when it comes to dealing with cars, he has received some assistance to ensure the car looks brilliant. Kids from Yorkshill Hospital have helped to design the bodywork of the vehicle, giving it a personalised twist that will really ensure everyone from the hospital is rooting for the car. The winning design features a superhero look and this was put forward by Aiden McQuaid, an eight year old from Erskine.

The event begins on the 22nd of May and there is going to be a lot of miles to clock up and a lot of countries to enjoy. The race for Colin and his wife, Ashleigh who will be accompanying on the ride, begins in Scotland before venturing into England. There is then a trip to Belgium, Germany, Austria, Prague in the Czech Republic and then home via Amsterdam in Holland. This sounds like the makings of an excellent holiday but when you are travelling around in an old car, you may not find it is such a sterling idea for a holiday!

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