Bugs Impact On Mazda Cars

Given the importance of computer software in modern cars, it is easy to see why a simple bug can cause so many problems. Mechanics that have spent years honing their skills dealing with engines, tyres and exhausts will feel as though they need a computer degree to look after modern cars. These technological advances can bring a lot of benefits but like every sort of progress made in the computer era, there are some negative elements that leave people scratching their head and wondering why things couldn’t stay as they were.

This is a bit harsh because clearly there have been brilliant changes made to cars but it seems as though there are still some problems to be worked out with respect to keeping cars safe and in great working order.

One story that caught the eye was the fact that Tesla cars were at risk of being hacked into through a user using an app for their iPhone and the ability to hack into a six character password. With the amount of bugs on offer these days, hacking it is not always the challenge it should be. There was also the story of Toyota having to recall close to 2 million cars due to there being a bug in the software. These are issues and problems that would not have arisen in the old days of car ownership.

Bugs can really impact on a car

However, when it comes to recalling cars because of a bug, Mazda have their own problems. In the US, the company has been forced to recall more than 40,000 cars, the Mazda 6 Sedan car, after it has been found that a yellow-sac spider has been making a home in the engine of these cars. This can cause problems with respect to leakage of fuel and this brings a greater likelihood of fire taking place. It turns out that this style of spider has been weaving webs which leads to a blockage in the evaporative canister vent and this can place additional stress on the tank, which over time, will lead to a crack. Mazda have announced that they are unaware of any fires which have been caused by this condition but clearly it is not something that they wish to take a risk with.

Even through the firm has tried a number of solutions it turns out that the most effective solution they have found is running a software update on their computers. This will provide better information for ventilation and regulation of the tanks, which will remove the potential risk of fire from this sort of situation. You may not think that a problem caused by spiders can have such an impact on a car, or that it could be solved by a software update, but it shows the technological level of modern cars.

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