British Cars Are Better For Passing MOTs

There is a great deal of focus and interest at the moment on whether British is best. There is a large political focus on this debate at the moment and it is not always discussed in the most effective or efficient matter. However, when it comes to British cars compared to their foreign counterparts, it seems as though there is a lot to be said for choosing British.

This is due to an analysis of more than 24 million cars which was undertaken by a consumer website. The findings of the research indicate that Jaguar and Land Rover are very highly placed in the list of top 10 manufacturers that pass MOTs first time around. The top 10 also features Honda and Toyota, who although both are Japanese firms, who make their cars in the United Kingdom.

The top manufacturer with respect to passing an MOT first time is Honda, who achieved a pass level of 87%. The two best models for the company were the CR-V and the Honda Jazz, both of which were made in Britain. These two cars managed to achieve a pass rate that was in the 90% range.
The Honda Jazz also received praise for being one of the best used cars that could be purchased for less than £40,000. The other car that was listed as being one of the best in this criteria was the Toyota Yaris. The 4th ranked manufacturer was the Land Rover and this had a pass rate of 85% with the Freelander picking up a pass rate of 89%.

Is British best for MOT tests?

With respect to cars at the bottom of the list, it seems as though German and French cars were amongst the poorest. Citroen finished bottom of the bundle with a pass rate that stands at 75% making it the car that is classed as the poorest performing vehicle in the country. The lowest individual car was the Grand C4 Picasso which has a MOT pass rate of 63%. Other poorly performing manufacturers were Fiat, Chevrolet and Renault. Volkswagen was also very poor and they had a number of cars listed in the top 10 of individual poor cars. The Touran, the Passat and the Polo were all listed in the bottom 10 with a pass rate of 76%, 76% and 78% respectively.

Other cars that were deemed to be very poor with respect to MOTs were the Ford Galaxy, the SEAT Ibiza, the Renault Megane and the Peugeot 308. All of these vehicles were listed as having a 77% pass rate.

There was a variety of issues cited in why these cars failed their MOT but the most common problems included lighting failings with headlamps being stated on a regular basis. Other problems that were regularly pointed out include brakes, the view of the road held by the driver and the tread depth of the tyres.

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