Audi Introducing Fixed Service Plans

It is fair to say that in recent years, independent garages have taken a lot of business away from dealers and the big names in the automobile industry. A changing of the laws and a desire to seek out better value for money has created a situation where independent garages are in a position to offer a more affordable level of service without the car owner having to compromise in quality. In the current economic climate, it would be silly to ignore this sort of offer and many drivers have found that their car is being looked after properly by professionals for a much more affordable price.

This has not gone unnoticed by the major firms and it seems as though Audi is keen to start winning some of their customers back. The firm has announced the Audi Service Plan and this will be made available for Audis that are between three and five years old. The plan will be made available to customers for a fixed fee of £299, which includes the VAT.

The eligibility will centre on cars that use TFSI petrol or have TDI diesel engines up to a level of 2.0 litres. The cars will have to be 36 months or older and 72 months or younger from the date of which they were first registered. The fixed fee will provide a major service to the client and there will also be an oil change included in the service.

Not many restrictions to be concerned about

Anyone looking for restrictions with respect to this plan will find that there are no restrictions with respect to time, mileage or age. There is also an opportunity to transfer the plan to a new owner if the car is sold on but these services will have to be claimed in the following 2 consecutive scheduled fixtures in the service regime of the car.

The service promises to include oil filter and oil changes, cleaning, replacement of air filters if necessary, replacement of spark plus or the diesel fuel filter if necessary. There will also be a road test and a full inspection of the vehicle carried out for the fixed fee service. The company also aims to roll out fixed price services for parts that regularly need replaced such as cambelts or brake pads. These are not generally included in service plans. Anyone looking to book a slot should head to the Audi site and enter the “owners area”.

The success that independent garages have had in recent years hasn’t gone unnoticed and there should be no surprise at the attempts to strike back by the major dealers. While price is important, many people take a great deal of comfort and assurance from working with the respected name when it comes to looking after their car. For this reason, Audi is likely to see many people taking up their new offer.

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