Can You Take Advantage Of The Cheapest Car Repair Service In The UK?

Motorists are always on the lookout for a good deal when it comes to caring for their car, and there will be plenty of drivers who are looking to find the best value for money garage in the United Kingdom. A recent study shows that the most affordable garage in the United Kingdom with respect to the cost per hour for a car to be worked can be found in Kirkwall, in the Orkney Islands. This means that not many motorists will be able to take advantage of the price structure which will see you pay as little as £44 per hour to have your car examined in this part of the country.

The most expensive part of the country to have your car worked on is Twickenham, located in the west of London. Sadly, it would involve a 1,400 mile round trip for Twickenham residents to get to and from Orkney to have their car looked at, which would more than negate any saving made. The findings come on the back of data uncovered by a car warranty company that examined 2,300 car repairs to find the cheapest garage work in the United Kingdom. Information was taken from 1,300 garages in the past 6 months to prepare the report.

The disparity between service costs annoys many motorists

The findings suggest that the average cost of work is £84.30 an hour in the UK with the London average coming in at £101. The price in Twickenham came in at £141, close to being £100 more expensive than Orkney, which stands at £44.

Quentin Wilson, a leading motoring journalist, spoke about the difference in prices, saying; “Motoring consumers tell me that the huge regional difference in garage labour rates is deeply frustrating. Most of us rightly expect London rates to be the most expensive because of higher costs, but a difference of up to three times between other counties isn’t so easy to explain. My advice is to shop around, confirm labour rates before work starts and ask if the repairing garage offers a lower labour rate for older cars. Having your car serviced or repaired further away from home may be inconvenient, but looking at these surprising variations in hourly labour costs, you could save literally hundreds.”

After London, East Anglia and the South of England were considered to be the second and third most expensive locations to have your car repaired. The average hourly cost for mechanics in these areas were £88.75 and £86. In Scotland, the cost per hour dropped to £71.42 but there was a great deal of disparity across the area. The £44 figure in Kirkwall is clearly pleasing but this contrasts with the £94 per hour charge in Motherwell. The next two cheapest areas were the North East of England, coming in at £76.33 and Wales, coming in at £77.

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